Metalstitching offers these advantages:

The use of this process enables us to maintain dimensional alignment, thereby alleviating your costs of disassemble, machining, shipping and reassembly.

Metal Repair
Because this process does not employ heat when repairing, the end result is that there is no physical change in the casting, no distortion or warping is incurred which is a major cause of added down time when fusion methods are employed.

Unlike fusion methods which introduce locked-up stresses, often in critical areas, this process relieves high stress concentration. The result... a permanent repair solution!

Ability to Join Dissimilar Metals
Often it becomes necessary to fabricate a portion of the broken casting (stud hole, a segment of water jacket, etc.) from a dissimilar metal. Using conventional fusion methods this is often a high risk repair, however, it presents no problem when accomplished mechanically by this unique repair system.